Piano Styles Course

There are several videos below, each covers a different style of piano playing. You'll find useful tips and basic concepts of each style explained and then slowed downto make it easier to learn. 

Dig in and have fun! 


Polka is a popular style. It's always fun at parties and fairly easy to play. Think "Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun!..."


Salsa is a style of dance as well as music. In this video I discuss piano patterns (montunos) as well as the basic rhythm upon which this music is built - the clave!  Claves are two wooden pegs that are hit together to create a bright percussive tone. The precise rhythm part that is played is also referred to as "the clave".  The piano part behaves as a percussion instrument (fun fact -many people don't realize that piano is technically a member of the percussion family - it has hammers that hit strings)!


Jazz piano covers a broad range of techniques. In this video I break it down to some basic concepts such as the II -V - I chord progression which will help you bring a jazz sound to any song you play. This video assumes you already have some knowledge of chords under your belt.

Boogie Woogie

It's Boogie - Woogie time!

This a really fun style to play. The left hand repeats a pattern while the right hand plays riffs and improvises! Practice slowly and be patient! Your brain is forging brand new neuro pathways every night while you sleep in between practice sessions so it won't be long before you gain the independence between the two hands!


Rock out!

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