Educational Concert Performances

What people are saying:

"Greg dazzles the audience with early American piano styles like Ragtime and Boogie Woogie and talks about their relevance to American culture and how they paved the way for the music that we have now. Students are thrilled when they hear this music and receive a profound understanding of the importance of this music in American culture as well as an appreciation for the musicians who laid this exciting musical foundation".
Bjorn Ranheim
World Chess Hall of Fame
St. Louis, MO

"YOU are a master, plus, when you talk, you are so clear. As a music educator, I'm always analyzing how players explain things.  YOU are at the top."
Bob Athayde
Stanley Middle School
Director of Bands, Jazz Bands and Chorus


"Real World Connections!"

"To launch our Harlem Renaissance project, Mr. Rahn took my class by storm and taught students the history of Jazz music. His one hour presentation included original pieces of work performed on his keyboard, a multimedia presentation on various Jazz styles and musicians,  and a foundational lesson on the important components of clave and improvisation used to create Jazz music. The fee that Mr. Rahn charges is well worth it in order for students to experience a real world connection and enhance the important content we are learning in class."
JoAnn Clark, teacher
Valley Oak @ American Canyon High School

From The Students:

 "He gave us a view of real life jazz"

"It's not just about the music, it's deeper than that for Mr. Rahn"

"He is very passionate about jazz."