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It was around the age of 9 when my Mom insisted that I take piano lessons. I protested because I was convinced that piano was a girl's instrument. My sister played it so it had to be a girl's instrument! I was all about guitar. It's not that I had never touched piano - I had been picking out chords and melodies on it since I could reach it, and looking back I realize I was actually composing tunes back then, but that didn't really make me a piano player did it?



After a year of guitar lessons with an uninspiring teacher who refused to teach me any music I was interested in playing, I reluctantly agreed to try the piano. My Mom found a piano teacher who seemed to be teaching all the kids in the neighborhood and in the second lesson he showed up with sheet music of one of my favorite songs from the radio! I was hooked and never looked back (except to emulate guitars using synthesizers, but that's another story.)


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After that it was band after band, gig after gig, playing and composing many different styles of music as my interests morphed through pop, rock, funk, jazz, classical, blues, latin and New Orleans roots music. My broad range of music experience helped me land some great gigs as well as a long career composing and producing music for the video game industry which included everything from jingles to composing and recording 70 piece orchestras.

I'm currently writing and recording music for an album of my own and am sharing the journey and the music here in my blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoy the journey and the music!


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