Tracking at Studio D

I’ve always loved working with Joel at Studio D in the past so I chose to record the basic tracks for my album here. Studio D is famous for recording lots of hit records by Huey Lewis and the News, Joe Satriani, Bruce Hornsby, Chris Isaac, Aretha Franklin and many others.

Day one was acoustic piano with Jeff Campitelli on drums and Steve Evans on bass. We tracked several songs that I had written inspired by the style of piano music that you might hear at a New Orleans rent party in the 1920s and 30s. Jeff brought a vintage Slingerland kit from that era to support the vibe and nailed the style. Steve played exactly what was needed and provided his signature comic relief. He and Jeff had never met before, but somehow managed to dress alike and quickly became bffs!

Day two was more modern funk instrumental tunes with Mick Mestek on drums Derek Rolando on percussion and Steve on bass. Danny Castro made a special appearance playing slide guitar on my Swamp Funk tune and delivered the swamp flavor. Derek Rolando tore it up on his featured timbale solo with his signature fire and impeccable timing and feel.

A great couple of days. More to come!


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